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New Construction home in Lehigh Acres

Buying a Home – New Construction Homes

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The new homes in Lehigh Acres can be very appealing to a buyer. There are some lovely new homes in town and we would love to help you find one.


There are benefits in buying new construction. Obviously, everything is new. That means a new roof, new paint and more. The buyer can be assured that it will be a long while before repairs would be necessary. There is also the undeniable enjoyment of being the first to move into a new house, and you get to make it your own.


When you think of buying new construction, there are a number of ways you can go. You can purchase a home from a developer, in which you choose from a variety of floor plans and varying square footage. Alternatively, you may choose to hire a builder to construct a custom home. Your options are limitless. Do you want a sun-room or a gourmet kitchen? Build it into your new home!


Today in the listings there are newly built homes on the market for as little as $127,000 for a three bedroom, two bath starter house, or a stunning 2,007 square foot modern Spanish style with dramatic front lighting and a designer kitchen for only $365,000. We never get tired of touring these homes, admiring the unique design touches and landscaping. We are happy to take you along. Maybe something will grab you, and you will have your new place just like that!


Under Florida law, new homes carry certain implied warranties of fitness and quality of work. These provisions are meant to protect the consumer and give him or her recourse against shoddy work. These kinds of issues, however, are uncommon. Instead of worrying unduly over such things, enjoy spending your time picking paint colors and counter-tops! That is loads more fun!


You will want to find a good lender for your new construction. Depending on the circumstances, financing new construction may be easier, or more difficult! Your lender can spell out the requirements for your situation.


Many homes in Florida have a distinctive look, sprawling stucco and palm trees in the front and often a pool in back. Trust us, you will be the envy of your northern family and friends. You might also have more company than you expect in your newly built Florida home!

Buying a Home - New Construction

A beautiful modern kitchen can really make the difference. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. You might like ornate cabinets and a painted china hutch or a sleek ultra – modern look. You have all of the options to choose from in a custom home, and plenty also when buying from a developer. Designers have provided color palettes and coordinating materials for you, and you get to pick and choose and know that the end result will look fantastic! Or, you can go your own way and custom order. The builder will try to accommodate you and put in what you want.


Often a home purchaser will choose to put in her own landscaping. The features that you choose can add significantly to the beauty of your home. You might consider a water saving rock garden planting with a grassy area, or you could choose a water feature instead. Lovely!


You can find many great ideas for landscaping here. This site specializes in Florida “Landscaping in a Box,” a sort of do – it – yourself landscaping kit. They supply images of complete landscapes and you choose the plant combinations you like, or substitute some of them for other types of plants suitable for our Florida climate.


If you want a pool, the best time to put one in is during new construction. One pool builder in Lehigh Acres can install for as little as $15,000. You won’t get all of your money back for the improvement when you sell, but it is for enjoyment anyway, and it does significantly improve the value of your property.


Well, once again it is time for us to get out there and enjoy our little patch of Florida. Writing about the landscaping has made us think of putting in a new plant or two. Maybe we will head over to the local plant nursery, and if so, maybe we will see you there!

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