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Property Values In Lehigh Acres

posted by: Mike in Buying Home, Selling Home

Here at Achievers Realty, we are anticipating a great spring and summer for sales in Lehigh Acres. We are seeing a lot of buyers in our office. Some sources are saying sales have been “crazy” in our area, but we know that this is the result of a healthy rebound from the recent dip in property values. We are seeing a lot of activity and sales… well, they really have been the best since the recession.


Why not, with such a great place to live? It is very affordable, and of course we boast our famous Florida weather. The word seems to have gotten out about our friendly community and its beautiful parks, including Harn’s Marsh and Caloosahatchee Regional Park!


It is a seller’s market in our area right now. This is great news for the sellers and the buyers of Lehigh Acres, because sellers are receiving maximum value and quick sales…and buyers are still able to get a great place to live with affordability. Last year, the News-Press celebrated a 6 % property value increase over one year, but we are seeing much more than that so far this year.


What does this mean for property values? Property values are spiking nationwide. Demand exceeds supply and property values are increasing. Comparing property values on Zillow, for example, one home is listed at $179,900. According to Zillow’s approximation, it was valued at $171,000 in March of 2018. The value shown in March of last year was $141,000.


A beautiful 2,047 sq ft home with a sun room and enclosed pool is only $269,900… very affordable compared to other areas. The asking price on this home is $40,000 more than its estimated value one year ago. This kind of return on the sale can benefit sellers who want to move to a larger or smaller home. There is still some good inventory for buyers to choose from.


Property values in Lehigh Acres plummeted in 2009, along with those across the nation. Our area was not as quick to rebound as some areas, but by all indications, property values are rebounding and then some, and hopefully that trend will continue for some time to come. With values climbing as they are, investors will surely find their way as well.


That means good news for you if you are thinking of selling. We have buyers available who are looking for a home like yours.


Last month, Governor Rick Scott designated Low Tax Opportunity Zones in Lehigh Acres and the surrounding area. This move is calculated to encourage investment in our town and benefit our economy. That is another piece of really good news for Lehigh Acres.


Last year, the officials at the Chamber were quoted by the Lehigh Acres Citizen:


“Lehigh’s business community is growing and has been since the beginning of the economic recovery, officials said, adding all arrows indicate that won’t change in the immediate future.

A number of new businesses, including a pair of seafood restaurants, have opened and other have moved to the industrial complex on Lee Boulevard from Naples, attracted by the lower rent and better availability in Lehigh, said Mike Burgers, who just stepped down as Chamber chair.

“Everybody is busy,” he said. “They’re starting to hire new help. It’s growing. It wasn’t as fast as people wanted, but it’s been steady. The big thing is property values have gone up.”


As the residents of Lehigh Acres enjoy the resurgence, it is good to remember that we have friends and family and to enjoy life together. Quality of life comes in many packages.


Achievers Realty will be happy to complete a home value analysis for you so that you have good information on which to base a decision. Meanwhile, I think we will take a walk around Harn’s Marsh and maybe throw a burger on the grill when we get home. It is going to be another beautiful day in Florida.

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