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What’s Happening In Our Area

posted by: Delise Palumbo in Real Estate


Here is a little bit of the buzz around our area of Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers. I hope you enjoy it.

Everybody Drinks the Water

A major concern has arisen in our local area regarding water quality. Members of the public have voiced their concern due to the water quality questions that have been raised. This issue affects all of us. According to the Lehigh Acres Citizen, red tide and blue-green algae blooms have effected a great deal of damage to the region’s economy. Due to these toxic water events, public health and the economy of the area has been affected.

On Monday, October 15, there will be an Economic Water Summit at the Broadway Palm Theater in Fort Myers from 6 – 9 pm. to address these growing concerns regarding water quality in our area. As a real estate agent, the health of my clients is of utmost concern. It is my hope that this issue will be carefully studied and any necessary steps will be taken to keep our water quality standards sufficiently rigorous to maintain the health of our residents and to ensure that our great quality of life and economic health continues.

After all, everybody drinks the water.

Home Trends in Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres

There is a growing trend across the country favoring single story homes. These homes are in increasing demand. Here in the Fort Myers / Lehigh Acres area, we are seeing new development that is eschewing the large multistory home in favor of the smaller, single story home as small as barely over 1,000 square feet. This trend is bolstered by the aging Baby Boomer crowd, some of whom are thinking ahead to those years where stairs and basements may be more difficult to traverse, and the possible need for handicap upgrades and similar upgraded features. According to one Baby Boomer, “I purchased my single story home with aging in place in mind. I just want to be able to live in my own home for as long as I am able. I am perfectly healthy today; stairs are no problem for me. But that may not be the case in the future. I love my open floor plan single story home. I believe it will serve me well in the future, too.”

Let’s look at some examples of the open floor plan single story home.

The Great Room

I love the Great Room concept. An active family can carry on various activities such as watching a show, gaming or cooking dinner at the same time and still spend time together. People who live in homes with this kind of open floor plan say that they believe that they spend more time together simply because they are not separated in various rooms of the house. Choosing the right home style can actually have an effect on how your family lives and works. This is a great opportunity to help your environment foster a better family life overall.

Great Room designs can be very beautiful and casual at the same time.

Great Room Living Room

A typical Great Room design will have spaces for diverse activities at the same time. In this great room design, the media center is placed in a space of its own, allowing relaxation and conversation to take place, yet with a few adjustments it becomes a very comfortable place to watch your favorite movie.

The polished re-purposed wood floors and simple wood blinds over wide open windows are a beautiful choice to bring the great outdoors inside your home.

Open Floor Plan Kitchen

The Flowing Open Floor Plan

The flowing open floor plan is another great choice for a single story home. A flowing open floor plan can serve many different ways, such as efficiency and casual comfort for a busy family, or a less cluttered environment for elderly residents who need a bit of extra space.

This particular image shows an excellent choice for a Baby Boomer who plans to age in place. This design incorporates an open floor plan while providing division of space for relaxation, cooking and dining. The tile flooring is a great choice for easy maintenance and handicapped access. Wide butcher block counters and the smooth cabinet design give this home a sleek, modern look without feeling hospital – like.

A Fit for Young Family Life

Young families enjoy great room home styles, too. A smaller, more affordable home can feel just right with a great room. If you don’t mind your house guests seeing a bit of clutter, it can be a great choice. Kick back and relax over a video game together while another member of the family reads a book. Space is utilized to the max; there is no wasted space here.

Family playing videogames

Many small families choose an open floor plan with additional rooms for baby or a study in the back of the house. A four (or more) bedroom home can accommodate quiet spaces along with a large, more social space. This kind of arrangement is also very appealing to couples who entertain often.

If you are fond of entertaining, an outdoor space is another great opportunity. This is another way to make the most of your living space while enjoying the outdoors. An open area to a lovely landscaped area outside is a great addition to your home and will be greatly enjoyed by visitors.

If you would like to know more, Freestyle Interiors has some terrific great room concept images on their web site. These interior designers can help you make your smaller single story home fabulous!

Of course, if you prefer a larger two story home with all the amenities, there are many options out there for you as well. Spacious vaulted ceilings and plentiful windows make a two story home look truly luxurious. Take a look at the open houses near you for some id


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